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Client Testimonials

"Diana is absolutely the BEST real estate agent I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with in the past 25 years of real estate investing.  She is a TRUE GEM!" John S. Weitzner, M.D.

"I have been involved in real estate as a developer, investor, home buyer and institutional real estate manager in California for over 30 years.  I have worked with literally hundreds of real estate agents and brokers, many of whom are competent, trustworthy professionals. Diana Muscianisi is in a class by herself.  She is friendly and easy-going, when you need that. She is tough and persistent, when you need that.  She is obsessively organized, which you always need.  She is extremely knowledgeable in her area of expertise.  My wife and I purchased a small apartment building for investment purposes in a volatile, quickly appreciating market, and with a cagey, uncooperative seller. There is no doubt in my mind that we would not have been successful in purchasing this building were it not for Diana's superb skill set. Thank you, Diana!"  Howard S. Robinson

"Diana Muscianisi is dependable, determined, diplomatic, daring and DY-NO-MITE!!!!!  You will not find a more knowledgeable, enthusiastic, loyal, organized, punctual, ethical advocate in such a small package.  She is funny and caring, smart as a whip, a great listener and extremely entertaining.  She will go the extra mile for you, and more.  She will get the job done, come hell or high water.  There is no one better!"  Grace Sagara

"Diana is an incredible agent.  She is knowledgeable, patient, helpful, and thorough.  She took the time to answer all of our questions through the entire process of selling our townhome.  She made the whole experience, from beginning to end, incredibly easy and even fun.  We are so grateful we met her at a random open house 10+ years ago.  We highly recommend her.  Call her and you will see why she's the best of the best!"  Carin Laue

"After 30 years living in Southern California and undergoing three property transactions, Diana Muscianisi is the best and most pleasant REMAX agent that I have met. I was referred to Diana by a friend who used her to buy a property. I wanted to sell my house and upon initial contact, she made some valuable suggestions and assured me that she was there to work for me and to obtain the best outcome for me. Diana referred me to a trusted handyman who did most of the required work. It took 7 months for me to prepare the house but during that period, Diana reached out to her network and informed them of an impending sale. She was always responsive and would periodically give me updates about the market. She showed me her analysis and made recommendations on how to set the initial price. When I had questions regarding lenders practices, she had the answers and advised me about what to expect during the actual sale process. Because of her work, there were seven offers received within 4 days; escrow closed in 36 days. Diana is the most professional, knowledgeable and patient REMAX agent I have known; whether a transaction is large or small, she has the expertise, the communication skills, the interpersonal skills and the professionalism to represent buyers or sellers. When I’m ready to buy my next property, Diana Muscianisi will be my REMAX agent."  Juan Rivera, Ph.D.

"Diana is not only an extremely professional, highly competent real estate agent, but she is truly a wonderful human being that always has your best interests at heart.  As a first time seller, we were concerned about the process, but she explained absolutely everything to us, often several times until we were completely comfortable.  She was there for every event and gave the sale of our house her full attention.  She was always there for us and when any small bump in the road occurred, she was immediately there to smooth it out.  You can depend on her to pay attention to every detail to insure that any potential problems are dealt with and she will turn into a virtual lioness to protect your interests.  Dealing with Diana was a wonderful experience for us and after the completion of our sale, we hope to maintain a lifelong relationship with her."  Marina & Barry Pecora

"Where do I start?  I had a Venice, CA dwelling rented to others.  Felt immediate connection with Diana Muscianisi.  Came across as very sincere and reflected positiveness and excitement (plus great smile).  Her words seemed to say (1) do not give up hope; (2) we can do this together; (3) I will help you every way I can; and (4) if you do not understand a form or wording, I can explain it.  And. . . she stood by her words.  When we first started, she asked for complete copy of two trusts involved in property ownership.  She explained why it was important to do this upfront and not near an escrow closing date.  (I myself am a maniac about paperwork due to my insurance career; so this was an important clue for me - she is one 'who thinks ahead'.)  Her assistance was beyond the call of duty in my opinion.  She was familiar on legal procedures for tenant situations and proved her communication skills were outstanding (I live in NV and my son in LA area).  Also, I liked the fact that we had questions were she did check with someone else at RE/MAX legal dept. area - where she verified the answer.  This showed me she is not a 'fast talker' and does for others what she does for herself.  Cannot think of one suggestion, except the 'other agents' should take lessons from her.  Sincerely (& thanks for this opportunity to talk about Diana).  Proudly," Susan Blohm

"Diana has, by far, some of the best people skills of anyone I have ever met.  When you combine that with her paralegal background, it's a perfect package.  She focuses on doing the best job possible and is ever present whenever something happens or a deadline is looming.  We felt completely informed, represented and supported by her during every part of the process of selling our home.  Some agents focus on quantity and some agents focus on quality.  Diana is included in the latter group.  Her attitude, even during stressful moments, never faltered.  Let's face it, even in a strong seller's market, there is stress and things can go wrong.  I always felt Diana was in our corner and had the knowledge and expertise to handle whatever came our way.  She under promised and over delivered.  We would be hard pressed to find a better, more caring agent and she did a great job.  Would I hire her again?  In a heartbeat. . . "  Ginny & Jack Sher

"Diana Muscianisi is amazing!  She outperformed herself throughout the entire transaction.  I would absolutely recommend her to anyone, and already have!  She is extremely organized, always on top of everything, and I never had to worry about a thing.  She is a gem and anyone is lucky to have her."  Jonathan Aharoni

"From the very beginning, you have been amazing and so helpful to us, to letting me climb over fences to get us in to see and eventually purchase the Marina condo, which turned out to be the best investment we ever made, to referring us to a great agent in Oregon to help us sell that house to make enough money to remodel the Marina condo, to recommending Rob, who did such an amazing job remodeling the Marina condo, and then finally to bringing out that New York girl mentality to get the Marina condo sold, it's been an absolute joy and a pleasure to work with you.  We can't thank you enough for all you've done for us!"  Jake Buryn

"Thanks and much gratitude to Diana, without whom this deal would never have been done!  We all so much appreciate everything you have done for Jen & Ryan.   You've been the best (and I've worked with 100's of agents over my 50+ years as a CPA)!"  Pam & Brian Adams  

"Cannot recommend Diana highly enough!  Organized, responsive, on top of all the details.  Moves transactions along, herds the cats, expertly and nicely!  In a couple of very complex transactions, she made it all happen, put all the pieces togther.  Plus, always so pleasant and cheerful!  So much fun to hang out with!  Smart, nice, detail oriented.  She represented me as seller and got me top dollar, then as buyer and made the new purchase happen -- and it absolutely wouldn't have gotten closed without her inverventions.  She's the best!"  June Lehrman, Esq.

"You've been just terrific!  You're the perfect combination of friendly and ferocious!"  Brendan Durrett

"Diana always went the extra mile in everything she did for us.  I feel that Diana is the best Real Estate agent I have very dealt with.  I would highly recommend her to anyone in my family or any of my friends.  Diana will not disappoint.  She is always happy, very professional and goes way beyond what is expected of her A+ A+ A+ A+."  Linda Davy

"Our experience with Diana Muscianisi was awesome.  She sold our house in record speed.  She carefully guided us into making the correct decision when choosing our new home and even negotiated a credit when we were prepared to settle.  She was highly regarded by every individual we interacted with in our house transactions and was able to recommend many professional vendors we needed in our endeavors.  Her communications were immediate and her assurances invaluable.  We cannot recommend her highly enough."  Clare Waddington & Allister Mann

"The service we received from Diana Muscianisi at RE/MAX was impeccable!  We shopped for our new home for about 5 months with Diana's help.  Diana was excellent at listening to us, returning our phone calls and emails, and advocating for us during the escrow and closing process.  She was always professional, hard working and friendly.  After several negative experiences with real estate agents, my husband and I feel lucky to have met Diana.  We would recommend her to anyone who is looking for an agent to represent them during the buying process".   Carin Laue & Jake Buryn

"Phenomenal agent. Very patient. She stayed with us for almost 4 years until we found our home. Not sure many agents would have put up with that! She will do her best to understand your needs and work to find that match." Sawsan Shukri, M.D.

"You've been so understanding and supportive and have extended yourself in such a warm, embracing manner.  I couldn't have done it without you.  Truly!"  Jennifer Kim

"You walk on water, you are faster than a speeding bullet and can jump over tall buildings in a single bound! Thanks again for making the process enjoyable and efficient.  All other real estate agents will be judged against your standards and performance."  Juan Rivera, Ph.D.

"Diana is extraordinary!  She always goes above and beyond of what is expected."  Margaret Kubiak

"Diana was fabulous!  She is someone who truly relates to people.  I didn't feel any pressure from her to close the deal.  She truly listened to my needs.  I loved the fact that she set up an automatic send of properties when I was in the phase of searching for a property.  Her attention to detail throughout the process was superior.  Her follow up exceeded my expectations.  I trly found Diana to be the highest quality professional and I believe I found a new friend."  Cynthia Cohen, Esq.

"True professional!  Diana sold my Westside condo within 10 days of listing it at very close to the asking price. The lending market had just taken a downturn, and there were many similar properties on the market at the time, but due to Diana's aggressive marketing, my condo sold quickly and the entire process was seamless and actually enjoyable. I highly recommend Diana for any residential real-estate needs. You will be happy you chose her."   Lou Turner

"Diana was wonderful throughout the entire process. She would go to open houses with me every Sunday (even before we were ready to buy) and would point out the different aspects of each home. Once I was ready to buy, we won the bid on the very first home we put a offer on! Once in escrow, Diana was extremely patient at explaining what every document meant, attended all of our signings, and was a joy to be with every step of the way. All of Diana's referrals have also been wonderful. I can't say enough about Diana and would highly recommend her to anybody (especially a first time buyer!)."  Linda & Chad Jackson

"Diana Muscianisi was very professional and competent.  She gave us sound advice and paid attention to every detail of our transaction.  She was friendly and personable.  I would highly recommend her and use her again in future transactions."  Olivia & Aurelio Sanchez

"Diana is amazing!  I do not live near the property so I needed someone who could take carge and do what was needed in my absence.  Diana exceeded every expectation I had."  David Michael Parks

"We want to express our thanks for the great job you did in representing us in the purchase of the townhome.  We greatly appreciate the way Diana followed through and was always available to answer questions and promptly get us all the paperwork to sign.  Due to the upside down financial markets, we appreciated Diana's patience with us and her counseling concerning our frustration with the loan process.  You performed well beyond our expectations.  Thank you for an outstanding job!"  J. Michael Crowe, Esq.

"Diana was patient and understanding in helping me find a new home.  It took over a year but she never lost patience."  Oscar Haro

"We love Diana!  She is so conscientious about every detail.  She had the marketing plan done and it was so comprehensive.  It was amazing.  She created an advertisement in the local paper for the house and advertised the open house.  She was so responsive.  She counseled us without putting any pressure on us.  Her advice was always spot on.  She was just amazing.  For our next house that we transact, she will be the agent!"  P. Gonzalez and F. Zerez

"I still think we got the best deal in town.  I'm so thankful you helped me."  Katherine Crowe

"I can't imagine doing this without you.  You have a way of making everything work out well.  You truly are amazing!"  Emily Matthews

"I want to thank you so much for all your help, guidance and honesty through my home-buying process.  I will definitely refer any of my contacts that are looking to buy/sell a home to you.  Thank you very much for everything!"  Kevin Blair

"Thank you for being so terrific through the whole home-buying ordeal!  You made it so easy and enjoyable for us, we really appreciate everything you've done."  Judy Langston & Robert Better

"I'm very pleased with Diana's service.  She was very friendly, knowledgeable and efficient all the time.  She made this big step in my life a lot easier.  I would recommend her to anyone.  She's excellent!"  Maria Pineda

"With Diana, surfing this market is a breeze, whether buyer or seller."  H. Robinson

"I came across Diana when looking for a home in CA. From beginning to end she was more than just a real estate agent, she became a friend who wanted to find the best match for me and my family. Diana's knowledge of the industry coupled with her responsive and caring attitude makes her a great find, especially when dealing with something as stressful as moving from NYC to CA like I did. Although I don't plan on moving or looking for another home anytime soon I would do it again if I had Diana on my side."   Santos Loo

"I was a first time home buyer when I connected with Diana, and am thrilled to be writing this review because I think Diana's fantastic!
Diana is truly the BEST out there! When I first met her during the initial interview process we connected immediately because she understood what it meant to be a first time home buyer, and she cared and understood my concerns and fears with buying my first home.
Diana's strengths are relationships, real estate expertise, & patience. Diana has the best personality, and everyone she connected with whether it was me as the buyer, the seller's agent, lenders, inspectors, etc., she made everyone feel like they were the most important person that existed. Diana is genuine in how she treats people, and she truly cares about her clients.
I highly recommend Diana to anyone, especially first time home buyers, because she knows her business well. What I discovered as a first time home buyer is that patience is key in the relationship between agent and client. Diana demonstrated patience time and time again during the entire process, and didn't make me feel bad for repeating questions she already answered many times before. She always took on the approach that the better I felt prepared about the process, the more confident I'd feel when I made the decision to make an offer. She was right!"  Jennifer Roeder

"Diana is the best, very professional, not pushy, very responsive, and honest. It is not often one gets the quality of service that Diana provides.
Diana helped us in purchasing an investment property at the beginning of this year. We are working with her again to make new purchases now.
Diana always made us feel good. We know that her job is to help with selling and buying property instead of making you feel good. Her personal touch matters to us.
I can't say enough great things about Diana, but can only say if you hire Diana as your real estate agent you'll have the best experience and get what you're looking for whether it's purchasing or selling."  Yun Wang, Ph.D. & Ben Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.

"Diana represented my husband and myself on the purchase side of a transaction in 2011 in the Westchester neighborhood of Los Angeles. While the transaction was tricky due to the seller being a trust, she handled all of the details with expertise, enthusiasm and attention to detail. She was super prepared for all of our questions and stayed on top of the listing agent when the inevitable issues arose. Diana has become a valued friend as well. I would strongly recommend her to represent home buyers or sellers."  Susan Rice, Esq. & Lawrence Wenner, Ph.D.

"You have been so amazing to Chad & I! Thank you!! You're on top of everything, thoughtful, professional and so patient with us. We cannot imagine going through this first time home buying experience without you. You're the best, ever."  Linda & Chad Jackson

"We were very fortunate to have you as our agent when buying our new home.  You went above and beyond helping us navigate through the process.  You were great!!"  Priscilla & Michel Saad

"There are so many things to thank you for - too many to list.  Suffice it to say we so appreciate your love, support, hard work and all the effort you extended for us - with pure love.  You are stuck with us forever!."  Pam & Brian Adam

 "You did a spectacular job. I have been singing your praises to all of my many Westchester friends."  Andy Restivo

"Truly satisfied customer. Diana is the very best and was outstanding at every stage of the process."  Jacqueline Chinery, Esq.

"You have been great throughout the 4 years, a trooper, supporter, and the most pleasant person to work with.  We never thought of switching Realtors.  You're more of a friend than a Realtor to us.  Thank you again."  Laith Jamil, M.D.

"Diana is the BEST!  Sold our home in a few hours, just with an e-mail blast. . . TOTALLY satisfied.  There is NO better agent!"  Pam & Brian Adams

"Thank you for being so terrific through the whole home-buying ordeal!  You made it so easy and enjoyable for us, we really appreciate everything you've done."  Judy Langston & Robert Better

"As always, Diana, you never cease to keep working for us, and looking out for our best interests.  Working with you has been such an incredible pleasure and we are truly blessed to have you on our team.  Looking forward to all of our next steps."  Jensena Kaplan & Sean Mayes

"Your assistance cleaning up, repairing, and leasing the house far exceeded anything I would have ever asked or expected from any real estate agent.  Given the distance we all live from the house, we are truly grateful for all of your assistance."  Drew Chesen

 Testimonials From Other Agents:

  “Words cannot explain how much I enjoyed working with you.  I appreciate your hard work and dedication to your job.  Working with agents like you is a blessing and I hope our paths cross again in the future!”  Anthony Milanes, The Realty Group

"This is a first for me. . . being a Realtor and writing a recommendation for another Realtor.  However, in the case of Diana Muscianisi, it is well deserved.  While I would say most other agents I work with are respectable and professional, Diana has taken it to the next level.  Her level of service and devotion to her client during our transaction was stellar, but it didn't stop there.  She was always prepared at each showing, inspection and meeting and went the extra distance by thinking 10 steps ahead.  When issues arose, I was able to work with her towards a solution.  In the end, the escrow that we worked was not easy but it was one in which each of our clients walked away happy.  Diana always maintained her client's best interests while dealing with a cool head and a professional attitude.  I look forward to working with her again."  Jacqui Bell, Gibson Int'l.

"Thank you again.  This is now where the bar is set for the way transactions should always happen!"  Peter Schwartz, Rodeo Realty

"I WISH the listing agents in my other escrows were as pleasant and professional as you are!  Makes the whole process so much easier for all parties!"  John Huang, Jaune Group

 “It was a pleasure working with you.  Can't think of a better way to end the year than this transaction. I want to thank you for your attention to details, your communication skills but mostly your professionalism. If all agents were like you, I might not be thinking of retirement. . . Got home and saw an e-mail confirming the close of Bonaparte – may be the nicest transaction I've been in. Thank you again for all you did to make this such a nice escrow. I hope we can do it again in the future.”  Bob Kramer, Cavannaugh Realtors

“Many thanks again for making this deal so much fun and so easy.  Got a nice note from my OA thanking me for such a complete file, thanks to you.  We had better do this again!”   James Cook, Coldwell Banker

“Thank you so much.  You are a fantastic person and a wonderful Realtor!!”  Robin Zacha, Power Brokers Int’l

My Lord, Miss Realtor!!!  You rock so hard Led Zeppelin could take a lesson!”  Champ Davenport, Keller Williams Realty

"Thank you for making the Airlane sale go so smoothly.  You are a fabulous agent and I hope to do more deals with you in the future."  Margret Erickson, Keller Williams Realty

 “I had such a good feeling about you. :)  You were an absolute doll to work with. Can't wait to get into another deal with you ASAP.”  Katie Eychis, Keller Williams Realty 

“Diana, I couldn't have picked a better agent than you. We so appreciate all your help, your professionalism, and passion to make sure they found the right home, in the right place.  We couldn’t have made a better choice.  Thank you, Diana.”  Kim Serapin, RSVP Real Estate     

 "I had a great time working with you.  You are fast, very detailed and organized.  I am looking forward to opening another escrow with you."  Michelle Fan, Keller Williams Realty 

"Thank you very much for making our escrow such a smooth and painless transaction."  Amir H. Amiri, Merit Real Estate

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